Northern Ireland Photographer – Understanding The Value of Experience

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It’s a statement I’ve heard over the last four years – “Your photos are nice but could you do it for less than the asking price?” That or the usual excuse of your nephew can do it for free, you’ll just take it on your phone or this guy on Facebook said he’ll shoot a days worth of content for £25. As a Northern Ireland photographer, it is important to know your value and not be in a race to the bottom.

So what value would you put on a good quality photographer?

Data shows male photographers in the UK earned just under £33,000 last year. Female photographers earned just over £25,000. The average starting salary is a little over £17,000 but someone with 5+ years experience can expect around £45,000. A Northern Ireland photographer can expect to earn less than these UK-wide figures.

So at the expense of saving a few quid or keeping your sister happy by hiring your nephew, what can an experienced shooter bring to a job?

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The Difference Makers of a Northern Ireland Photographer

7 areas where an experienced head wins over cheap price.

Technical Expertise:

Experienced photographers possess deep technical knowledge. They understand camera settings, lighting techniques, composition, and post-processing, ensuring high-quality images in various conditions.

Creative Vision:

With years of practice, experienced photographers develop a keen eye for creativity and detail. They can capture unique perspectives, emotions, and moments that inexperienced photographers might miss.


Seasoned photographers have a proven track record of dependability. They are punctual, professional, and well-prepared, reducing the risk of last-minute issues and ensuring a smooth photography session.

Quality Equipment:

Experienced photographers typically invest in high-end equipment, including cameras, lenses, and lighting. This results in superior image quality and greater versatility in different shooting environments.

Efficient Workflow:

Years of experience allow photographers to streamline their workflow, from shooting to editing. They can efficiently manage time and resources, delivering final images promptly without compromising on quality.

Client Understanding:

Experienced photographers are adept at understanding and meeting client needs. They can communicate effectively, offer valuable suggestions, and tailor their approach to align with the client’s vision.

Personable Skills:

Personable skills are important for every photographer. They’re what help you get the best out of your subject. Inexperienced photographers tend to be shy, clumsy and just want to get the job done.