Is There Really No Such Thing As Bad Publicity?

Good PR, bad PR? Does it really matter?

The latest publicity stunt to get people talking took place in France last mothh, when a giant purple truck was seen driving along the street of Paris “snorting cocaine”.

Branded with Netflix and GRISELDA it was to promote said show as it launched on the streaming platform. The series follows the rise of Griselda Blanco as she builds her drug empire after moving from Colombia to Miami in the 1970s. 

Griselda has been one of Netflix’s best received shows so far in 2024.

The marketing stunt got people talking. Some people liked it. Some people hated it. But the most important thing was that people are talking about it.

So does that reaffirm there is no such a thing as bad publicity?

In reality, negative publicity can have serious consequences, damaging reputations, relationships, and trust. 

I believe the impact of bad publicity depends on many factors. The context, the nature of the controversy, and how effectively the individual or organisation responds to the situation. 

For some, overcoming negative publicity may be possible through genuine efforts to address the issues at hand. Communicate openly, and demonstrate a commitment to improvement. For others, the damage may be long-lasting and challenging to overcome.

Whether publicity is perceived as “good” or “bad” depends on various factors, and the idea that all publicity is inherently beneficial is an oversimplification.